Over the years, Hibbard Inshore’s customers have increasingly pursued solutions to their underwater issues that allow them to avoid dewatering. Because of this customer demand as well as advances in technology that have continued to make smaller machines more powerful, Hibbard Inshore has been able to continually expand its underwater intervention offerings. The more powerful machines have allowed Hibbard Inshore to increase the numbers and types of sensors and tooling they can use to accomplish difficult underwater tasks. Often this work can be performed in confined areas with low or zero visibility. The Hibbard Inshore team is able to attach variety hydraulic and electrical tools to their ROVs including saws, drills, torque tools, lift bags, plugs, pumps, manipulator arms, sampling devices, and custom designed tools to complete construction projects in the safest and most cost effective way possible.

In the case of complex tasks, the ROVs, sonar, and tracking systems can be used in conjunction with commercial dive teams and marine construction crews. The ROVs can be used as a pre-dive tool to give dive teams high quality knowledge of any potential hazards and place downlines to lead them directly to the area of work to maximize bottom time effectiveness as well as safety. Sonar systems and tracking systems can be used to track ROV and diver locations in relation to crane loads in real-time to allow for quick coordination while increasing project safety, and Multibeam sonar survey systems can perform real-time underwater elevation measurement of construction tasks such as rock placement, concrete placement, dredging or debris removal so that the operator has instantaneous information allowing the crane or pump to move to the positions where it is most needed to complete the task at hand.

Featured Project: Hole Plugging in an Active Surge Shaft

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