Power Generation

Hibbard Inshore began its business in the hydroelectric industry, and developed expertise to offer inspections on lower outlets, face and toe of dam, penstocks, turbines, diversion tunnels, and long conveyance tunnels as well as bathymetric surveys, general dam inspections and trash rack removal and replacement. From there, many of the same techniques could be used to aid in offering structural inspection services for the water piping at Coal and Nuclear facilities helping to inspect longer lines or in confined spaces that might be difficult for a diver to access while maintaining plant and personnel safety as a top priority.

As time has passed, the vehicles, sensors and tooling Hibbard Inshore developed to service the inshore power industries have become more and more capable. Due to technological advances, the vehicles have become smaller and more powerful with the ability to carry larger sensor and tooling payloads. For this reason, over the past decade, Hibbard Inshore has also been able to offer services to offshore installations including cable surveys and inspections, pipeline surveys and inspections, and services focused on the installation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines and tidal generation turbines. The Hibbard Inshore fleet is adept at managing currents while completing survey, monitoring and work tasks such as use of torque tools, drills, cutting implements, and a wide variety of retrieval and debris removal techniques. Hibbard services many customers both domestically as well as internationally and can mobilize to even the most remote locations.

  • Hydroelectric

    Hibbard Inshore provides underwater inspection and maintenance to the Hydroelectric and Dam Industry using Remotely Operated Vehicles. With over 29 years experience in structural underwater inspection and construction work, they perform internal long tunnel inspections to 20+ km as well as penstock, trash rack, valve, face of dam, reservoir bathymetry and marine survey techniques, apron scour, lower outlet, head gate and seal, stop log, and toe drain inspections. These inspections can assess the conditions of materials such as concrete, rock cut or lined tunnels, and steel through using dimensional measurements, detection of open cracks or dimensional anomalies, measuring debris or sediment build-up and measuring metal thickness. Using robotic vehicles can solve complex issues without dewatering or placing divers in harm’s way. Unmanned, robotic services include high-resolution video, sonar dimensioning, sonar imaging, 3D mapping, deep-water temporary bulkheading for valve replacement projects, leak repairs, debris removal, marine survey and ultrasonic thickness testing.

  • Nuclear

    At Nuclear Facilities, Hibbard Inshore can provide ROV inspection services for cooling water piping and tunnels as well as pump vaults and piping. The company has used both swimming and crawling vehicles for nuclear inspections, and in cases where the areas to be inspected are critical in nature, Hibbard Inshore has fabricated test stands to create a direct replica of the plant structures in order to provide proof that the ROV will safely navigate through the line and have no issues with retrieval. Additionally, unmanned pumping services can be provided to clean difficult to reach areas.

  • Coal

    Hibbard Inshore can provide its swimming ROVs for detailed inspection and dimensional measurements of water intake and discharge lines. The ROVs have been used to take detailed video of construction joints, and in cases where visibility is low, the vehicle’s dual sonar systems can detect anomalies such as open cracks or joints, offsets, out-of-round or dimensional anomalies, sediment buildup or other forms of blockage.

  • Tidal

    Hibbard Inshore can provide ROV services throughout the entire lifecycle of a tidal generating station. The company has extensive experience with managing tidal currents to complete inspection, installation and maintenance projects. Hibbard can use their ROVs to survey potential cable routes, survey in the cable as it is laid; they can perform installation support services as the turbine is installed such as installation of sensor packages, site preparation work, leveling, or underwater monitoring. The ROVs can also be used in an ongoing basis for cleaning of the installation or for ongoing turbine maintenance activities. Hibbard Inshore’s ROVs have a large thrust to size ratio making them good tools for near shore projects where currents are present.

  • Wind

    In a similar to manner to Tidal Generation, Hibbard Inshore can provide ROV services for Offshore Wind Generation installations. Hibbard Inshore’s ROVs can be shipped via airfreight to any location worldwide to be used on local vessels for hire, and can be used to perform surveys of the installation site, cable route, and cable lay as well as installation services to aid in orientation and leveling and maintenance and cleaning services for the underwater portions of the assets once the wind turbines are installed.


  • All Swimming Vehicles (ROV and AUV)
  • All Crawling ROVs
  • Imaging Sonar (Profiling and Sector Scan)
  • Multibeam Sonar (Forward Looking and Profiling)
  • 3D Multibeam Sonar
  • Video
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
  • All Underwater Electrical and Hydraulic Tooling
  • Pumps
  • Bathymetric Multibeam and Singlebeam Sonar
  • Sub-Bottom Sonar
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Marine Magnetometers
  • Marine Electromagnetic Survey
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