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Hibbard Inshore takes great pride in being able to provide the most up to date technology to serve customer project needs. This, along with innovative thinking, allows Hibbard Inshore to continue to deliver new solutions to meet customers’ ever expanding goals. Hibbard Inshore is proud to maintain one of the world’s largest inshore ROV fleets along with one of the largest lists of available sensors and tooling packages. This breadth allows the company to stay in the forefront on the most difficult of inspection and construction projects along with being highly competitive for more standard work.

Continually evolving since the company’s inception in 1984, the Hibbard Inshore fleet of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), sensors and tooling is aimed at providing the proper solution for each project circumstance. Many of the sensors and tools can be coupled with one another and interchanged between the Hibbard Inshore vehicles to allow the optimal package to be provided in terms of both work and data needs. Maintained by their ROV specialists and pilots, Hibbard Inshore’s cutting edge and wide breadth of available technology allows them to size a solution to each project assuring clients that project costs remain aligned closely with project scope.


With the ability to equip most of their vehicles with an array of sensors, Hibbard Inshore is able to supply their customers with a wealth of qualitative and quantitative data. With the aim being to collect and record critical information during projects, Hibbard Inshore researches the latest sensor technologies and integrates them to their machines which serve as a delivery platform.

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Hibbard Inshore has the ability to equip almost any vehicle with specialty tooling to perform repairs, cleaning, and sampling. The vehicles have the capability of working with both hydraulic and electrical tools, and these tools can often be used in deep water, low or zero visibility, or in confined areas to complete construction tasks.

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Hibbard Inshore’s extensive fleet of vehicles is aimed at providing both inspection and construction services for inshore installations in deep water, confined spaces, and inside long pipelines or tunnels. The fleet is also aimed at serving inshore and nearshore installations by providing survey, inspection and specialty construction services in areas where there is low visibility, safety hazard to manned work, or there are currents that need to be managed.

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