Hibbard Inshore has built their reputation on having the proper tools to address many unique scenarios for their clients. The company’s core values are to place the right piece of equipment into the right scenario in order to reduce risk, lower costs, and meet exact project goals such as collecting accurate data, making a specific repair or installation, or cleaning a difficult area to allow the customer’s equipment or plant assets to operate properly and efficiently. The most important tools Hibbard Inshore deploys are its fleet of remotely operated and autonomous vehicles. Over time, Hibbard Inshore has built a fleet consisting of both commercial off-the-shelf and customized vehicles to meet a wide variety of specific customer needs.

The breadth of this fleet allows appropriate sensors and tooling to be carried into the most difficult to reach areas. Along those lines, Hibbard Inshore’s AUV and ROV vehicles are also chosen to be relatively small in form factor with high power capabilities. Because of this, not only can they travel to extremely long distances from a single access point, they can also fit into smaller access points, and they can easily be shipped to any location in the world via standard airfreight or trucking making them a strong option even in remote areas.

The Hibbard Inshore philosophy is to choose the most cost effective vehicle and method for each project, and having a wide variety of vehicles allows costs to be more closely scaled to specific requirements. Since remote inspections and construction are the basis of their entire business, Hibbard Inshore continually maintains and updates their fleet with the latest technologies to provide new and more advanced services to their customers year after year.

List Of Vehicles
  • Deep Rated LBV
  • Navajo
  • Long Range Navajo
  • Mojave
  • Mohican
  • Inuktun
  • Streamer
  • Thermite Long Range Crawler
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