Hibbard Inshore Sets the Standard for Inspecting Large Diameter Wastewater Trunk Lines.

Auburn Hills, MI, April 10, 2013:
Leading underwater service provider, Hibbard Inshore was put to the test when an inspection involving large diameter sewer lines presented itself. Located in Eugene Oregon, fully flooded siphons and partially filled interceptors were inspected for structural defects, sediment & debris accumulation, scour and other weaknesses.

Utilizing a customized floating ROV equipped with sonar units and cameras as well as a similarly equipped swimming ROV, Hibbard Inshore was able to inspect over 42,000 ft. of fully flooded and partially flooded sewer lines. The floating ROV was able to travel up to 5,000 ft. while navigating through bends and other complex parts of the structure, and the swimming vehicle was able to inspect the fully flooded siphon areas. Due to the capabilities of its equipment, Hibbard inshore was able to launch the vehicle in easy to reach access points while avoiding using manholes in more difficult to reach or heavily traveled, high traffic areas.

The customer stated that they were very pleased with the outcome of the project and the fact that a single sewer inspection company could address all of their difficult-to-inspect lines. With this success in inspecting larger diameter sewer lines and siphons, Hibbard Inshore hopes to continue to serve the wastewater industry by providing unique solutions.

About Hibbard Inshore
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