Meet the Mojave – Hibbard Inshore’s newest addition to its ROV fleet

Auburn Hills, MI, December 19, 2012:
Earlier this year, leading underwater service provider, Hibbard Inshore announces the newest addition to its Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) fleet – the Mojave. Purchased from Sub-AtlanticTM, the Mojave sets new standards for compact ROVs due to its small size and powerful, vectoring thrusters.

Hibbard Inshore is enthusiastic about their new addition. “With the success of the other vehicles we have purchased through Sub-AtlanticTM, such as the Mohican and Navajo, we were confident in purchasing the Mojave. Its capabilities fit in nicely with our current Sub-Atlantic vehicles as well as our Seabotix ROVs and Saab AUV/ROV vehicles broadening our abilities to serve the inspection and specialty construction markets. We’re excited about utilizing this vehicle in conditions where currents could be a factor such as in outfall inspections or the survey or inspection of nearshore cables.” said senior project engineer Dave Malak.

The vehicle’s vectoring thrusters allow the Mojave to remain stationary in changing current conditions, increasing productivity during inspections.

In March the Mojave successfully debuted in the field by plugging leaks in the bottom of a 180m surge shaft using its manipulator and other specialty tooling to insert plugs into the existing holes to stop the leaks. The project went smoothly and reduced leaking in the shaft by more than 60%. The vehicle will be returning to that site in 2013 to perform further repairs. “We’re looking forward to using the Mojave for this project because we need a small, powerful vehicle with good control to make the repairs” said ROV supervisor Chester Schultz.

The Mojave joins Hibbard Inshore’s diverse fleet of ROVs, offering clients an even wider array of solutions for their specialty underwater projects.

About Hibbard Inshore
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