Sensor Array Retrieval

This job involved the retrieval of scientific research sensor array systems with anchors at over 1300 feet of depth. The project is one that Hibbard Inshore has been repeatedly hired to complete as the retrieval of each array involves hazards due to the cabling systems and the location of the arrays. The client had past difficulties with other ROV operators who had become tangled while trying to complete the project. Upon consideration of the project, Hibbard Inshore realized that a swimming ROV with sufficient power to negotiate the currents involved at that depth coupled with sonar, navigation, and tracking systems would be necessary to safely avoid tangle hazards while keeping costs down and not requiring the use of a costly dynamic positioning vessel.

Array Retrieval Barge and Work Vessels

Hibbard Inshore selected a vehicle from their fleet, their Sub-Atlantic Mohican, that could hold the appropriate sensors and manipulator, achieve the depth, avoid tangle hazards without the use of a DP vessel, and was still small enough that the ROV could be shipped by air to the project’s remote location at a moment’s notice each time the customer determines they need assistance in reconfigure the arrays. The vehicle was fit with dual imaging sonar units, a 4 function manipulator, a ultra-short baseline tracking system, and a navigation suite connected to GPS on the vessel of opportunity used for operations. The vehicle was used to retrieve the ROVs belonging to the other contractor and then to perform the array retrievals. Hibbard Inshore has been able to successfully complete this retrieval process several times where previous attempts had not been successful.