Delivering structural inspections has always been a key sector of Hibbard Inshore’s business. From general dam inspections to long tunnel inspections, Hibbard Inshore’s unmanned vehicles are fit with sensors that allow them to collect pertinent data to allow owners, engineers and other stakeholders to evaluate the remaining lifespan of their structures and prioritize maintenance plans. By having the most up to date technology, Hibbard Inshore is able to integrate a variety of different sensor types on each of their vehicles to gather valuable quantitative and qualitative data whether the inspection area is fully underwater, partially submerged or dry and whether conditions allow for camera visibility or collection of video is impossible.

Regardless of conditions, Hibbard Inshore prides themselves on supplying and operating sensors and vehicles that can provide high quality inspection data without major, manned confined entry or plant dewatering. Their experienced project managers, pilots and technicians focus on choosing the proper equipment and inspection methods on a per project basis to get their clients the information they need to make important decisions and achieve specific requirements.

Underwater inspections are necessary for the following reasons:

  • To identify potential issues with an underwater asset proactively in order to increase its lifespan.
  • As proof that the asset was constructed properly and is insurable after commissioning
  • To identify hazards or materials that may reduce productivity levels and to devise plans for their removal
  • To determine the proper location for an offshore asset and to determine the route for cables
  • To reduce risks to the structures caused by dewatering
  • To reduce the overall cost or downtime related to inspection
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