Cable Inspection

Whether the final product is oil, gas or electricity, sometimes pipelines or cables need to span areas that are not conducive to underwater inspection and maintenance operations. Operating around swift ocean currents at depth is one of the tougher challenges presented by the location of many offshore pipelines and cables. Hibbard Inshore is able to confront these challenges and address the seabed assessment, site selection and route survey needs for both subsea power lines and pipelines. Hibbard Inshore has worked for years to develop appropriate methods and equipment to address a wide variety of marine construction and inspection applications.

The unique challenge for many cable and pipeline projects is that, while the survey areas are not very deep by ocean standards, the tidal currents can be extremely brisk. Hibbard Inshore focuses on using ROVs that have a high thrust to size ratio to more effectively manage currents and they often use these ROVs in a live-boat configuration without a tether management system. This allows the systems to be easily deployed and retrieved by a vessel of opportunity and allows them to be shippable via airfreight and standard trucking quickly to any location in the world.

Cable and External Pipeline Inspection Services
  • Route Surveys
  • External Condition Surveys
  • Lay surveys
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