Intake & Outfall Inspection

With water being an essential part of many facilities’ daily operations, it becomes important to periodically inspect the water intake piping or tunnels as well as the corresponding discharge conduits to make sure that they stay in good operating condition. Hibbard Inshore can inspect these conduits both visually and with sonar to detect features such as cracking, offsets, shape anomalies, sediment buildup, presence of debris, and scour. The Hibbard Inshore team focuses on managing outage times to complete inspections quickly while providing valuable data and minimizing production losses. At times, these conduits can be inspected while still flowing to maintain minimum production needs.

The Hibbard Inshore team is well versed at inspecting these lines while they are fully flooded in order to minimize outage times and can perform internal conduit inspections to 20+ kilometers (~12.5 miles) from a single access point covering even the longest intake and discharge tunnels. In addition to intakes and discharges for hydroelectric facilities, Hibbard Inshore has inspected conduits for coal generation, nuclear generation, metals facilities, pulp and paper facilities, and can use these techniques for water lines involved in virtually any manufacturing process.

Intake and Outfall Inspection Services
  • Visual Inspection
  • Sonar Crack and Feature Detection
  • Sediment Buildup Survey
  • Sonar Cross Sections
  • 3D Alignment and Dimensioning
  • Concrete Assessment
  • Metal Corrosion and Thickness Assessment
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