Dam Inspection

Underwater structural inspections for dams are critical to identify any signs of degradation or loss of functionality. With more than 29 years of experience, Hibbard Inshore’s inspections have included penstocks, face of dam, lower outlets, toe of dam, intakes, head gates and seals, trash racks, turbines, and turbine shut off valves. Hibbard Inshore can equip each of their ROVs with cameras, lighting, multiple types of sonar, and additional non-destructive testing sensors such as ultrasonic thickness gauges in order to provide the best possible look at each underwater portion of a dam. Often, because Hibbard Inshore is able to use these various technologies, inspections can be performed in less time than inspections requiring video only reducing outage times and time onsite.

With the help of Hibbard Inshore, clients are able to decrease outage times while obtaining data through sonar and other non-restrictive sensors, increase safety by using robotics for tasks dangerous to divers, increase diver efficiency by using ROVs to survey, guide, and monitor dive teams, and reduce maintenance costs by permitting some inspection services to be performed while units of the dam are running. In addition to inspections, as a part of their Marine Survey Services, Hibbard Inshore also offers Reservoir Bathymetry and Marine Geophysical Surveys for dams, and in the Construction section of this site, there is further information on the underwater cleaning, repair and maintenance services Hibbard Inshore offers including dredging in front of units, temporary bulkheading for valve or gate replacement, hole plugging, and deep water trash rack removal and replacement.

Additional Inspection Services
  • High Head Dam Inspections
  • Internal Long Tunnel and Penstock Inspections
  • Lower Outlets and Discharge Tunnels
  • Apron and Scour Inspections
  • Head Gate and Seal Inspections
  • Turbine Shut Off Valve Inspetions
  • Stop Log Inspections
  • Visual Inspection
  • Sonar Crack and Feature Detection
  • Sonar Dimensioning
  • 3-D mapping
  • Concrete Assessment
  • Metal Corrosion and Thickness assessment
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